My Projects

Projects I have worked on

Projects I am actively working on

  • E-discovery
    Electronic discovery implemented in python.

    • Includes Random forest algorithm built from scratch with Python3.
    • Includes parallelization on multi-core systems using Multiprocessing module from Python3.
    • Includesincremental learning system for semi-supervised learning.
    • Includes data cleaning and other data manipulation techniques to convert documents to LSA matrix of topics.
    • Includes a full-powered VueJS frontend web app.
  • Mahu(码乎)

    • A portal/gateway for Chinese developers who do not have access to the awesome world of GSOP(Google-and-Stackoverflow-Oriented-Programming).
    • Taker user query and search for Q&As on stackoverflow.
    • Format and transalte answers.
    • Issue:
      • As the communist party is getting more and more control over the Internet public space. Hard to find a reliable and free translation api.
      • No idea how to reach to our potential users yet.
  • Darwin Island

    • This game intends to build a multiplayer experience like
    • But with entirely different flavor.
    • Players get to design their creature in dozens of aspects.
    • Players can play as their creation.
    • Or they can write a AI(Algorithmic behavior pattern) for their creature.
      • Maybe some day we can take this game on blockchain so players can trade their algorithms. (Potentially with Darwin Coin)
      • Yeah, maybe one day.
    • Compete in Randonly generated maps(under certain limits) and be the one and only survivor!

Ping me if you want to work on something crazy!

I am very interested in working on projects related to:

  • Machine learning
  • Game Dev
  • Blockchain